Kitchen gadgets: The contest - A FREE contest to WIN a free kitchen gadget

Welcome to the day you've all been waiting for. The day of our totally unique Now It's Your Turn contest. The day you can win, win, WIN!

All of this started three days ago when I decided I had had it with the hit-and-miss of buying kitchen gadgets. I decided it would be great if I had a kitchen gadget company I could count on, so I looked around and decided to test out gadgets from Chef's Planet.

Three days ago, I reviewed some really good gadgets. Two days ago, some bad ones. And, yesterday, some ugly ones.

Which brings us to today. The day of our Now It's Your Turn contest where you can win, win, WIN the most expensive item reviewed all week!

And here's how.

Win, Win, Win for FREE, FREE, FREE (because free is best)!
All you have to do to enter the Now It's Your Turn contest is leave a short kitchen gadget story as a comment in today's post. It can be funny, sentimental, silly, clever, whatever, just as long as it is about a kitchen gadget (and not offensive or promotional), it is posted by Thursday October 4, and it has your email address (so I can contact the winner to send them their prize).

I'll announce the winner next Friday, October 5, on this blog.

The rules
  • I can only mail to one of the contiguous US states or to Canada.
  • This is just a friendly contest, run by a benevolent dictator (me!), so I can, and probably will, change the rules at will.

The prize

And what is the prize, you ask? The reviewed food mill! Yippee!

The Now It's Your Turn part of the Now It's Your Turn contest
My hope is that you will test your winning and post your review of the item in today's comment section. Because the whole point of this is to get another point-of-view. Pretty good, eh? (Oh, and, hey, if you've been bitten by the contest bug and want to enter millions of 'em, Contest Blogger has a nice list of contests to check out and that neat TNChick has some, too as does the fun 5 Minutes for Mom.)

Good luck to you all!