Kitchen gadgets: The good - And A FREE contest to WIN free kitchen gadgets

Well, the first thing you should know is you can win a FREE kitchen gadget.

First, I'll review some gadgets, including the goodie you can win for free. Then, I'll have a friendly contest. That's the part where you win, win, WIN! (I swear, I feel like a barker so don't be surprised if I run off and join a nice circus).

S'right? S'right.

All of this started when I could not get my kitchen gadget drawer open. Too many gadgets, you see. So I cleared out the crummy ones, had a garage sale, and started to think about gadgets.

I quite adore kitchen gadgets, but I hate the fact that so many of them die a long and expensive death at the back of my gadget drawer. But how do I tell which ones are good and which ones are useless?

The easiest way would be to find a company that could be counted on to make gadgets that are as beautiful as they are useful.

So I did my research and selected a company called Chef's Planet.

Gadget criteria
Here's what I think the ideal kitchen gadget is: Useful, easy, and beautiful. Useful in that it does something I need done. Easy in that it is easy to put together and take apart (if required), easy to use, and easy to clean. If it is not, I just won't use it (consider this a short explanation on the demise of our juicer). And beautiful because I would rather surround myself with beauty than not.

Let the reviews begin
So I selected a nice range of Chef's Planet gadgets — some expensive, some not. And, as luck would have it, some were good, some were bad, and some were downright ugly.

Let's start, of course, with the good.

The good
First up, we have their food scoop (stainless steel is $10 and the brightly colored plastic ones are $5). This is a good gadget to start with because it fulfills all my criteria. It is good looking and incredibly handy for us almost vegetarians who chop, chop, chop vegetables and need a fast and easy way to scoop up a whole lot of them and transfer them to the pot or pan without dropping them all over the floor.

In fact, the only downside is the packaging which is impossible to remove without leaving behind stubborn bits of cardboard that take forever, to remove but which you must because it would be a tremendous bore to find them in your food later on.

The good: Part two
Next, we have the gourmet slicer & grater. At $45, it is not cheap, but it is really, really pretty and would look positively elegant on a cheese board surrounded by all sorts of lovely cheeses and crackers and a bunch of grapes or two.

This clever little gadget is a two-way slicer. Two-way in that you can use the handle to prop up the slicer and drag what you are slicing across the blade (good for small things, like truffles, my dear, and the like) or you can flip it over and hold the handle to drag the slicer across what you are slicing (like a nice cheese or even a zucchini).

The blade adjusts, so you can have thick or thin slices, and you can pop this pretty little thing into the dishwasher, so clean up is wonderfully easy.

Day after day
We will continue this series tomorrow. With a good, bad, ugly theme, you can guess which one is coming up next!

And don't miss tomorrow's exciting, fun-filled video of one of the gadgets in action. It is explosive!

Great contest where you can win, win, win free stuff

It's a brand new type of contest. One that puts you in the driver's seat (after all, why should I have all the fun?). And, one where you can win one of the reviewed kitchen goodies.

Which kitchen goodie? Well, I'll give you a hint. It is the most expensive goodie I'll review this week!

And you can win it for (barker thingee coming up) free, free, FREE!

(I love talking like this. Only, I'm afraid I'm going to start running around saying stuff like dinner's on the table, table, TABLE!)

And it is called the "Now It's Your Turn" contest!
So stay tuned for more details. See you tomorrow . . .