The cheap vegetarian - or - vegetarian meals on a budget

You would think that the vegetarian diet would be cheaper. After all, we're not eating meat and meat is enormously expensive.

But, hey, those cartons of soy milk, those loaves of artisianal breads, and (oh my!) those armloads of organic fruits and vegetables can add up. Add up to a lot.

No worries. Because I found a site to help us save lots of money.

Money-saving tips has a list of money-saving tips, from "plan your meals in advance" to "pack a lunch." Personally speaking, we do these, and I do notice that the planned meals and packed lunches are not only cheaper, but tend to be healthier, too.

Money-saving meals
But, even better, the site also has a list of suggested meals. Here are some to get you going (there are more on their site):
  • For breakfast: cereal with soy milk and sliced bananas, oatmeal with fruit or maple syrup or soy milk, scrambled tofu and potatoes, a smoothie
  • For lunch and dinner: bean burrito, veggie chili, brown rice with steamed vegetables and soy sauce, baked potato topped with salsa, baked beans, or chili
  • For snacks: pita and hummus, popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast and salt, potato wedges topped with spices and/or salt, pretzels

My best suggestion to save money

Organic fruits and vegetables take the biggest bite out of my grocery money, so what I do is try to buy only what I know we will eat in the next few days. I don't mind paying extra for food we eat, but I really hate it when it goes in the garbage.

Your best suggestion to save money
So, what do you do to same money on your vegetarian grocery tab? Heaven knows, we can use all the tips we can get!