FitFlops: A brand new shoe and a brand new way of walking to tone your legs and lift your butt

Being almost vegetarian, to me, is more than a food choice. It is a lifestyle choice. Which means getting fit and healthy.

So I was certainly interested when I heard about this shoe that's supposed to — let me get the exact quote — "give you a workout while you walk."

Great idea, eh? But does it work?

FitFlops: Everything but diaper the baby!
The shoe is called FitFlops and according to their Website, they claim the shoes "... challenge hard to reach muscles more ..." More, I assume, than walking without these shoes. They do this by "... challenging the support and balance muscles of the foot and leg."

In other words, they claim that "Every step you take in your FitFlops helps tone and trim your legs ..." But not just your legs. Oh no! It is also supposed to "... work your bum muscles more ..." because they " ... increase the amount of time that the gluteus maximus muscle is 'activated' during every single step."

And, while they are at it, they say the shoes also help "... reduce joint strain and absorb shock."

That's a lot of claims. But do the FitFlops work?

I've worn the shoes for a week
This is what I learned:

While they are not the height of fashion, they really aren't at all as ugly as I thought they would be. Especially with my baggy old Levis covering most of them!

The thick sole makes for a pretty comfy ride.

My toes are freezing! But, then, this is autumn. But that means that these really aren't going to be much help until next summer.

There are no balance issues, as I expected there would be (and, if there were balance issue, I certainly would feel them; I can trip on thin air!).

Yeah, but do they work?
Alas, no. At least, not for me. And if they would work for anyone, I would think they would work for me.

My home is all of almost 900 square feet. And, as a freelancer, my commute is a whopping stroll from one end of my home to the other. Now, I do try and take a walk of a mile or two every day, but, with life and all, sometimes every day becomes every other day. Or even every third day.

And, these days, that is my entire workout regime.

So I think if anyone would feel the burn, it would be horribly out-of-shape me. But, no. No burn. So I'm back to wearing my sneakers to tackle my daily (or so) hills. I'm sure my walking, even in my sneaks, is good for my legs and my bum. But, more importantly, because I can move faster in my sneaks, the walks are also good for my heart.

And that beats a toned leg any day. Well, mostly!