What to eat to stay healthy and what are the numbers you should look for on a food label?

I've been browsing the Mayo Clinic Website (speaking of handy Websites, the picture today is courtesy of the unfortunately named but terribly amusing icanhascheezburger.com), when I tripped across information on what to eat. As in how much sodium. How many carbohydrates. And so on.

Isn't that a great find? Especially for us almost vegetarians who are trying to stay healthy and struggling to read food labels!

So, of course, I grabbed some of the best tips and listed them, below.

What should you eat to stay healthy? And what are the numbers you should look for on a food label? Here are some of the answers:
  • Sodium: 1,500 - 2,400 milligrams daily for a healthy adult
  • Carbohydrates: 45 - 65 % of your calories should come from carbohydrates and the bulk of that should come from complex carbohydrates such as legumes and grains
  • Fats: You do need fats to help your body absorb many essential vitamins, but you should keep it to no more than 20 - 35 % of your calories (40 to 70 grams of fat a day for a 2000-calorie diet) and you should get it from healthier sources such as nuts and olive oils
Isn't this a great find? There is more information here, if you like.

Tomorrow is the day! Yep, that guest blogger I promised would come is coming. Tomorrow! So hang on. Because this PETA person has not only tons of really great information, but she's even been so kind as to give us a recipe.

Just one more day, and it will be ours {insert maniacal laughter here}!

What fun!