The best French vegetarian recipe and the amazing laws of physics!

Well, once again I have been asked to guest blog. Today, my guest blog has my recipe for my totally delicious, totally easy vichyssoise as well as the story about the disaster that occurred the first time I made this when I oh, so cleverly, decided to put hot soup in a cold blender and . . .

Now, this isn't my first time guest posting. The last time, it was on the PETA blog: Veg Cooking. The post was a two-part entry called The Vegetarian and the Meat-Eater. Part 1 was about how long-suffering-and-clearly-due-for-martyrdom I was trying to get my poor-but-lovely meat 'n' potatoes husband to eat a more vegetarian diet. Part 2 were the five steps I took to get us (ahem, him) to become an almost vegetarian.

If you want to guest blog here, leave a comment with your email address. It doesn't pay (pay, ha ha ha, I do this all for free!), but I'm always happy to add another voice to the family.