Cooking with Pooh

It's Monday. And there is another long week ahead of us. And, I don't know about you, but I worked through the weekend, so this feels like the third Monday this week (if that makes any sense at all).

Which means I could do with a giggle.

My husband knew this. So this morning, when I was making the bed, he came silently in, silently placed his laptop on my freshly smoothed duvet, and silently showed me the title of the newest Pooh book.

I roared!

Cooking With Pooh: Yummy Tummy Cookie Cutter Treats
The most unfortunately titled cookbook since James Beard's Beard on Bread, Cooking With Pooh has received all sorts of interesting comments on Amazon. My favorite is from the terribly droll and slightly wicked D. Gilbert from Colorado, USA:
"Finally a cook book that tells you how to complete the human digestive process. After your meal has been processed by your body, only waste remains. "Cooking With Pooh" shows you how to take that waste and recycle it into delicious treats. I had no idea that pooh could be used in so many dishes! Every recipe is low in fat although they all taste like crap."

Food humor. I love it!