Grit be gone - or - how to clean those greens

Hello fellow almost vegetarians! Today, and today only, we will discuss our dirty little secret.


Lying in wait in spinach and fennel and a host, a host I tell you, of other greens, grit is there, waiting for a chance to scrape between our teeth.

The bad news is, well, that's totally disgusting. But the good news is, it is easy to get rid of the grit. Very easy.

Wash that grit away
This is so easy, you will kick yourself. Heck, it is so easy I'll volunteer to kick anyone who doesn't do it!

Okay. So this is what you do.

Get the biggest bowl you have that will fit into your sink. We use the bowl from our salad spinner (hey, if we're making salad, it's gonna get dirty anyway, so why not?). Fill it with water. Separate your greens into leaves or chunks, depending on how you plan to use them, and fill your container with your greens.

Your greens should float freely in your bowl. If they do not, then do this in batches.

Swish the greens a bit; then leave them alone for a few minutes. This will give the grit time to settle to the bottom of your bowl. Then lift the greens out of your container. Pour the water and grit down the drain, rinse, and refill. Repeat the procedure until your greens have no more grit (you can tell because the water you discard will be clear).

Whatever you do, don't just pour your water and greens into a colander: You'll just dump those grits right back onto your greens!

Unless your greens are really loaded with grit, two or three rinses should be enough.

See, I told you it was easy.