And the contest winner is . . .

The winner of the first ever Almost Vegetarian natural skincare contest, the person who will win the amazing goodie box just stuffed with all sorts of great products, is . . .

Kawna Safford!

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated . . . it was truly appreciated and I will use the information you so kindly gave me to try to write great posts (and some great posts I will write because I got some really creative and inventive post ideas).

Kawna, I will mail this box the very first chance I get, but I am stretched so thin right now, I'm not sure when I can possibly find time to get to the post office. But I'm not kidding about the very first chance part!

Again, thanks everyone. And, hey, if you are looking for almost vegetarian gift suggestions for everyone from the almost vegetarian dog to the almost vegetarian kids to the almost vegetarian gourmet, stay tuned because next week is nothing but presents, presents, presents for all.