Bodycare for the Almost Vegetarian: Interview with an expert AND a contest where you can enter for FREE!

Last week we found some great natural products. Like the Dr. Hauschka lip care stick, Naturopathica crème de la crème, Suki carrot facial moisture serum, and the Pangea Organics Japanese matcha tea with acai & goji berry mask. We also learned about beauty product ingredients and read an interview with an expert who could recommend real products for us to try.

So, now that our faces are in good shape, this week we'll turn to natural body, then hair, care products.

So let's look at healthy body care.

Body beautiful
Last Wednesday, the kind and gracious Jeremiah McElwee, whole body coordinator from Whole Foods, gave us all sorts of helpful information on natural products for the face. Today, he’s back with even more information. Only, this time, the focus is on the body. Here is our interview with the clever and talented Mr. McElwee.

Why should I switch from my grocery store brand to a health food store brand?
The biggest reason is the milder surfactants that are less drying than conventional brands.

What are the key ingredients I should avoid in grocery store brands?
Sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial colors.

How do I select among the different brands you carry?
Brands like Dr. Hauschka skin care are the most natural products available and contain biodynamically farmed ingredients. Other brands like Nature’s Gate, Jason, Avalon Organics offer affordable options for customers just getting their feet (or faces) wet.

What are some of the best products you carry?
Dr. Hauschka skin care and Pangea Organics are some of the best we sell.

What do you recommend for someone with dry skin and why?
Pangea organics is a great line that is full of organic ingredients and gentle enough for all skin types.

What do you recommend for someone with oily skin?
Dr, Hauschka makes great products for those with oily skin types.

What sun blocks do you recommend?
Again, Dr, Hauschka is great…A smaller brand UV Naturals is another one that is very clean and wonderful.

Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow, we’ll look at some natural skincare products. Then, later on, we will look at hair care products, again, getting some real advice.

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