Dr. Hauschka gives us some “rhythmic processing”

This is an open letter to Dr. Hauschka in response to their response to my post last month . . .

Certainly I am delighted you deem my blog important enough to warrant a response from two of you, but you haven’t really provided any new clarity, have you?

Take your “rhythms and polarities of nature.” You say you turn the heat down, up, down; turn the light off, on, off; and shook, stopped, shook; and so on. But you don’t explain how this helps our skin.

And take your certification process. You admit you were involved in creating the guidelines. And you don’t dispute how this can be a conflict of interest.

You clearly invested a lot of time and effort pushing your key messaging here (at a dismal ROI, I might add, considering you commented long after the original post ran). I, for one, would have appreciated it more if you had taken the time and effort and invested it in clear messages and independent certification I could understand and believe.

And I know I am not the only person who thinks so.

Dear readers, what do you think about the marketing hype coming out of skin, hair, and face care companies? Is it as clear as you want? Or is the marketing mumbo-jumbo hip deep?