Haircare for the Almost Vegetarian: Expert advice on selecting natural products AND a contest where you win for FREE!

Two days ago, an expert told us all about natural body care products.

Yesterday we looked at some natural body care lines and a bunch of products, including the wonderful EO Hand Sanitizer.

And today, we’ve brought our expert, the lovely Whole Foods Whole Body Coordinator, Jeremiah McElwee, back. Only, today, he is talking haircare.

What are the key differences between pharmacy store brands and the brands you carry?
Many of the products we offer use milder surfactants (foaming agents) that are gentler and less drying. Also, many of the products we offer feature scents derived from essential oils NOT synthetic fragrance.

What are key ingredients I should avoid in pharmacy store brands?
Harsh preservatives and drying foaming agents such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

How do your different brands differ?
We offer a wide variety of choices, from natural products that are inexpensive (Nature’s Gate, Jason) to fun products like Alba Botanica Hawaiian line, and super premium luxurious products like Dr. Hauschka & Aubrey Organics.

What are some of the best products you carry? Why these?
Products like Aubrey Organics are the most natural that we sell with primarily botanically derived ingredients and scented with essential oils.

What do you recommend for someone with dry, flyaway, chemically-altered hair?
I would recommend they try Aubrey Organics Chamomile Shampoo with Aubrey’s GPB Conditioner. The shampoo is a very mild selection that will not dry the hair more and the GPB conditioner is a deeply nourishing rinse that really helps transform and repair damaged hair.

What do you recommend for someone with dandruff?
Jason makes a great dandruff control shampoo that gets a ton of positive feedback from our customers.

What do you recommend for someone with oily hair?
Giovanni produces a Tea tree Triple Treat shampoo & conditioner that are perfect for oily hair types.

What hair masks do you recommend?
Nature’s Gate makes great hair masques that I have personally used and enjoy.

What hair coloring products do you recommend?
Naturtint products are the most popular with our customers, they work well and are very gentle.

Win big, win fine!
Yep, by the end of this week, you will know everything you need to know to enter the contest! And it will be free to enter and easy to win!