The Almost Vegetarian does Valentine’s Day in bed

In the last post we looked at chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts for the almost vegetarian.

In the next post, we’ll look at Valentine’s Day gifts of a less traditional type.

But today, ah today, we’ll look at Valentine’s Day gifts to enjoy in bed (here are some more, if you wish).

Breakfast in Bed
I love the idea of breakfast in bed. Never mind that it never really translates what with crumbs spilling out of napkins and bouncing puppies sloshing tea and chilly shoulders and all. It is romantic.

So we need a breakfast in bed basket. And I found one that comes complete with the breakfast tray, the aptly named Breakfast in Bed Gift Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets.

This is just too sweet. Beyond the tray, you’ve got two mugs and matching cotton napkins, plus strawberry and apricot jams, Tazo black tea, honey, white chocolate amaretto cookies, Ghirardelli white mocha hot coffee drink mix, and caramel cookies. It also comes with a pancake and waffle mix, but you’ll have to get out of bed to make them!

Breakfast out of bed
Of course, if you are going to get out of bed to cook breakfast, then a gift I like is the Breakfast Gift from Dean & Deluca.

It comes with pancake mix (as well as granola in case that cold kitchen floor isn’t as inviting as you thought and, yeah, staying in bed is looking like the better option after all), maple syrup, two of the hearty diner-style Dean & Deluca mugs, a pound of their Breakfast Blend Coffee, and the best part for me, one tin of Earl Grey Tea (this is a staple in our house). Put the kettle on!

Breakfast out of bed; the warm version!
Now, if you are going to get out of bed, you're going to need something keep your toes warm. And I found just the thing.

A company called Bamboosa makes socks predominately out of bamboo. Which is good for you, good for your sweetie, and good for the planet.

Now you can get these socks individually, but it would be sweet to give a gift set. Beyond incredibly soft socks (
who knew bamboo could be so soft?), the gift set for her also comes with a super long scarf and TWO bars of handmade soap. And not only does the gift set for him also come with predominately bamboo socks, as well as more soap, but, instead of a scarf, he gets a super soft bandanna.

It's nice, too, that this is something a little different than you usual box-'o-chocolates, isn't it?

Breakfast from another state
Now that you are out of bed and wrapped in nothing more than socks and a scarf or bandanna, I found you a no-work (or very little work) breakfast gift at Zingerman’s: The made in Michigan gift basket.

I like this because it has a nice assortment of scones, incredibly good strawberry preserves, and a nosher-size version of their delectable sourcream coffeecake. Make a pot of tea and you’ve got yourself such a civilized start to the day.

Midnight breakfast in bed
This one is straight out of a 1940s movie, but it is elegant and decadent and will remind you why you are with the person you are with if you have had a lapse of memory.

Here's what you do. You go to Vosges and you get yourself one of their gorgeous wine and chocolate combinations. Like the M. Chapoutier Banyuls + Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection which is loaded, just loaded, with nine wickedly rich chocolates including Red Fire (Mexican ancho and chipotle chillies with Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate) and Tlan Nacu (Mexican vanilla bean and Venezuelan dark chocolate) as well as a wonderful bottle of French wine. Or the Two Hands Angels Share + Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection which, also, comes with nine amazing chocolates, but pairs them, instead, with an inspired wine from Australia.

Then you crawl into bed with your chocolates and wine and (oh, this is so corny, but great) rediscover pleasure.

Of course, if you are like me, you'll do more giggling than imbibing. But that's half the fun, isn't it?

Finally, in the next post, we’ll look at less traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for the almost vegetarian to give and receive.

Happy Valentine’s Day!