Chocolate Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the Almost Vegetarian

Of course, you have to have something chocolate for Valentine’s Day. And that’s what I’ve got: Some wonderful chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts for the Almost Vegetarian.

I've got one gift idea so traditional it even comes with roses. But, for variety, I've got a chocolate gift idea that isn’t even a candy.

But it is delicious anyway.

I’ll introduce you to my finds in a second. But if chocolate is not your thing, in the next post I write, I’ll have Valentine’s Day gifts to enjoy in bed. And, in the last Valentine's post this week, I’ll look at less traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for us almost vegetarians.

But let’s start with good old fashioned chocolate.

Better than basic treats
What if you want to get away from the red-velvet-heart-shaped-box-of-24 and give your sweetie your chocolate treat in a different package. Like, oh, say, a cake.

Then I like this idea from Zingerman’s.

Never heard of Zingerman’s? Well, let me introduce you. Zingerman's is a deli and bakeshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, of all places, that has these amazing cakes. If you want to try a few, go for the nosher triple cake temptation. It comes with three small coffeecakes: Sourcream, Hot Cocoa, and Ginger. And I love the ingredient lists on these cakes - skip the preservatives and load up on the same basics a home cook would use.

What I would do is serve the Hot Cocoa on Valentine’s Day, then slice and freeze the remainder of that and the other two (these freeze like a dream) to pack in my sweeties lunch for the next few weeks. Longest. Valentine’s. Ever.

The traditional Valentine’s Day
But what if you do want to go traditional? Well, you can't get more traditional than chocolates and roses. I found two nice roses-and-chocolate sets from 1-800-flowers. Once comes with
a dozen red roses and the other with a dozen multicolored roses. And both also come with those incredible Godiva truffles. I liked the multicolored one — the roses look like jewels. And would look so pretty on a Valentine’s dinner table.

A partnership made in heaven
I love the combination of wine and chocolate. So if you want to try this route, I found an amazing basket at Wine Country Gift Baskets.

The Beaulieu Vineyards Valentine Cabernet Gift Basket comes with a bottle of wine, of course, but it also has everything from Godiva dark chocolate almonds to Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel to a very cute heart cookie complete with sweet red frosting. That should cover all the major Valentine’s Day food groups, indeed.

That should get you started, but if you need more ideas, next I'll look at Valentine’s Day gifts for the almost vegetarian to enjoy in bed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!