Green sex

Sooner or later, you just knew it was going to come up. Sex, that is. And how the almost vegetarian can have it green.

Think I'm kidding? Well read on, m'dear. Read on . . .

Heaven knows what I was searching for when I tripped across information on green sex.

Green sex?! Why, yes.

So I started looking into it. And, boy oh boy, there is a ton of information on green sex.

Green piece
One tip for green sex I found was at GreenPeace is "Ditch the PVC and vinyl accessories for your playtime. The production of PVC creates and releases one of the most toxic chemicals - dioxin. You also don’'t want to be sucking on that stuff. The use of PVC in young children’s toys has already been banned in many countries. Instead, opt for accessories made from natural substances like rubber or leather."


Make love, not war
And speaking of toys, one place you can get greener sex toys is Good Vibrations. Now, this link takes you to a glass, ahem, version. So don't click if you don't want to look. And why glass? Well it is not PVC, which is good for you and good for the planet. Hence the green sex label. And for those of you that worry, it is supposed to be amazingly strong. Which is somewhat of a relief.

High-grade biodegradable, vegan latex condom
These are the only condoms approved by the Vegan Society. You got lots of options here, from fruit scents to all different shapes. Because going green, even in sex, should be fun!

Wooden spanking paddle
You can find anything online, if you only search long enough. Like this fair trade paddle. Because even rough can be green.

And as for lubrication ...
The Emerita Natural Lube does not have animal-derived ingredients and was not tested on animals. Except, perhaps, some humans. Who, I suspect, didn't mind.

Finally, if pornography is your thing, then you might as well get it green
It's an eco porn site. Yes. I said eco. And you can read all about it here. I think Al Gore would approve.