A pediatrician designs the perfect organic school lunch for children

So what lunch do you send your children to school with? An apple? A sandwich? And juice? Or a salad? Cheese sticks? And bottled water?

I bet you worry. Is it a thorough lunch? Is it nutritious enough? Is it the best lunch I can give my child?

Well, stop worrying. Because a pediatrician has designed the perfect organic lunch for children.

The organic lunchbox
According to Dr. Greene, the perfect organic lunch for children contains a variety of healthy foods:
  • A Serving of Organic Fruit
  • A Serving of Organic Veggies
  • A Serving of Organic Whole Grains
  • An Organic Calcium Source
  • An Organic Source of Lean Protein
What children do not need is "added sugars (especially high fructose corn syrups), added fats (especially partially hydrogenated fats), lots of artificial colors and other chemicals, or foods grown with pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones."

Now grow up big and strong.