And you thought you only had to worry about mercury in your fish

As an almost vegetarian, I am reading labels. Oh boy, am I reading labels. And not just on food.

In fact, you know from past posts, that I am reading labels on all sorts of items, including face care products.

And it turns I'm not the only one. How do I know? Well, I dropped by The Consumerist and read this nasty post about mercury and make-up.

An eye-opener
According to, Minnesota has banned mercury in cosmetics. See, it seems that the stuff can sometimes be found in mascara and other cosmetic products used near your eye. And even tiny amounts of mercury can cause neurological damage.

Which means it is a bit scary buying make-up outside of Minnesota, isn't it?

And, which also means, once again, it pays to read those labels. Always. Because there is no point eating a healthy diet if you are just going to slather poison on your skin.