The athletic vegetarian

Concerned that you can't do high-performance sports on a vegetarian diet? Don't be. Because we know of at least one major athlete - an NFL player no less - who not only follows a vegetarian diet, but who thrives on it.

And he is not the only one.

Thirty-one year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez is quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying "It's the Catch-22. Am I going to be unhealthy and play football? Or be healthy and get out of the league?"

So this all-star National Football League player, the highest paid tight-end in the league, put his 6-foot, 5-inches and 247 pounds body on a vegan diet.

By midseason he had broke the touchdown record. "OK, this is working," he is quoted as saying. "I have so much more energy when I'm out there."

Click the link, above, to learn of more athletes following a non-meat diet and some tips on what they are eating.

And don't let anyone tell you vegetarians are wimps.