The famous Almost Vegetarian, one tiny step at a time

Well, isn't this a nice thing. Apparently CBS has found me and blogged about me. A little blog entry, to be sure, but, hey, it's always nice to be seen.

Anyway, if you want to take a look, here's the link to the post they call Herbivore Athletes.

Oh, and while we are speaking about blog posts . . .

Remember the glorious Noel from the B5 Media blog Pretty by Nature and the great Almost Vegetarian homemade toddler food post she did? Well, as payback, erm, as a favor, she has asked me to write one for her in return. It won't run for weeks and weeks, but when it does, I'll give you a heads up.

And, speaking of guest posts, I have persuaded the delightful Lesley from LesleyEats with a minimal use of torture devices to write more guest posts for us. You remember the delightful Lesley. Not too long ago she wrote the amazing hidden animal ingredients series that started by looking at the hidden animal ingredients in your yogurt and candy and vitamins. So this should be great.

Which reminds me . . . if there are any bloggers out there who want to guest post, I could sure use the break, erm, would love to have you guest post. Just leave a comment with your email address or email me and let's talk. Ditto if you'd like me to guest post for you. I'm totally up for it. Totally.