How to use food to turn a crappy day into a happy day!

I found a list of some great mood-lifting foods. And I am going to share this list with you because (sigh) Friday is a long, long way away.

Come on, get happy!
When I went almost vegetarian, I could actually feel the difference. I felt lighter, healthier, more alert and energized.

But what about stress? Is there something out there that I can eat to help me deal with that? Well, according to the ririan project, there is. They compiled a list of foods that will keep you happy. I've excerpted it, below. If you want more details, pop over to their site and have a look around. Otherwise, get yourself to your neighborhood grocery store and pick up some broccoli and blueberries right now!

How to beat the Monday blues
I'll save you the stress of worrying; yes, chocolate is on the list! (See, your day is getting better already, I bet!) As for some other goodies from the list:


"Your brain needs an amino acid called tryptophan in order to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter nicknamed the brain’s Prozac, thanks to its happy-making and calming effect." And that's where milk comes in!

Well, of course, it is yummy, but it also has a bunch of chemicals to improve your mood including "anadamine, a neurotransmitter that targets the same parts of the brain as THC, the active ingredient in cannabis." Even better, the other chemicals in chocolate enhance anadamides effect.

Whole grain rice or pasta
"Eating carbohydrates boosts serotonin levels (thus have a calming, soothing effect), and slow-release ‘complex’ carbs keep you sustained, helping you to stay mellow and preventing between-meals rattiness."

"A study in Finland found that people who eat more fish are 31 percent less likely to suffer from depression." And, of course, the oils in fish are good for the skin. And we're all happier when we are having a pretty day!

It is "chock-full of stress-relieving B vitamins" as well as folic acid (low levels of the stuff has been "linked to depression" so it makes sens to try to keep those levels up).

It activates the brain’s pleasure centers, just be careful not to over do it.

They are "jam-packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, which are potent stress busters." Chocolate covered blueberries, anyone?

Brazil nuts
These are the "number one source of the mineral selenium, which helps maintain your mood and prevent depression." Interestingly, however, scientists don't know how selenium does this. But who cares, just as long as it does.


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What to feed the almost vegetarian child
By the way, have you ever wondered what to feed the almost vegetarian kid? Well wonder no more! I went to an expert to find out and will let you know later this week. And, yes, we got a recipe, too. Score!