How a vegetarian can find love online

Now, I should tell you, I am totally the worst person in the world to advise anyone on love.

I mean, my husband was in love with me for, like, a year before I clued in. Let me clarify:
Me: Erm, This is kinda embarrassing but, you know, I've been wondering, do you, you know, have a crush on me or something?
Him: No.

We've been together almost ten years.

But, still, while I can't give love advice, I can give advice on where to find your own vegetarian love . . .

The one place to go if you are looking for a vegetarian mate
The most delightful site I found is The site is not much to look at, but, hey, it's what's inside that counts.

That's not to say that there aren't other sites which cater to vegetarian and vegan singles, such as and But no other site can hope to match the rustic charm of VeggieDate. Besides, I like the descriptions the people wrote.

The other places to go to find vegetarian love
Of course, that doesn't mean that vegetarians, almost or otherwise, are not to be found on other, more mainstream, sites. It just means you have to dig a little deeper. But I bet your odds will be higher if you go to sites that are at least related. Such as which is for the eco-friendly (doh!).

What to do when you are ready to take it to the next level (psst, think sex)
Let me be your friendly tour guide with my friendly post on green sex.

Happy Valentine's Day!