RSS feed: The problem and the cure

As you know, I've been making tweaks to the site.

Never a good idea.

The goal here is to get the blog to the point where it can pay for itself. But the tricky part is not putting so many ads on here that it gets obnoxious.

And I missed the mark.

See, things went totally obnoxious with the RSS feed. We were experimenting with ads on the feed, and the lovely and clever Jul was kind enough to alert me to problems. So we took them off.

Sure, there will still be some lingering in older posts, but if you want to get my ad-free RSS feed, just click here.

And speaking of ads . . .

I need to have ads on the blog, otherwise this becomes sort of an expensive hobby. But bearing that in mind, I'd love feedback. I've only got two ads now (which I'm thinking is enough), Google AdSense in the upper left corner and the Blogher ad on the right. Both are supposed to be context sensitive, which means (I hope) they can actually offer the odd helpful bit. But what do you think? Any thoughts on how to break even here?

Otherwise, I might have to take up knitting. Which, considering that I can't even sit still long enough to watch a movie (I'm the one in the back, squirming), would not work out well.