Site improvements or why the site looks so damn messy

We're tweaking, experimenting, playing with, and all together buggering the site.

Which is why the layout has gone all to hell.

See, we're trying to get the site to pay for itself. Not that the expenses are all that high. But, still, it would be nice to have that money to buy, oh, say a picnic in the country. Or a day at the farmer's market. Or even just enough food to feed Sophie for a week.

But here's the kicker.

We're trying to do all this in the middle of other things. Like, oh, say, making a living. Which means, sometimes we know the site has gone all funny, but we can't fix it until we've got some time.

Which, of course, drives me totally nuts.

So bear with me. We know we haven't found a balance between advertising and content, yet. But we will. We will.