Find more kitchen space

The more almost vegetarian I become, the more involved in cooking and baking I get.

And more I cook and bake, the more kitchen stuff I find I need.

(Okay, maybe want is the right word, but I digress.)

And the more and more appliances and gadgets and tableware and other items I accumulate, the more more storage I need.

So that's what I have for you. My five best kitchen storage ideas, ranging from super cheap to now you have an excuse to shop!
  • Look up. Look way up. See that ceiling? It is just waiting for a pot rack from which you can hang all your pretty pots. One place you can find a nice selection of pot racks is Sur la Table. Of course, now you have to keep those pots spotless, but what cost spotless when you have such great convenience, I ask you?
  • Ceiling too low? Then do what I did. I took those nasty kitchen curtains down and hung a few of my lighter pots off the curtain rack. How did I accomplish this amazing feat? Sophie and I trotted down to the nearest Ace Hardware. I bought "S" hooks while she flirted shamelessly with the nice hardware store man who kept telling her what a pretty girl you are, yes you are, yes you are a pretty girl. (Sophie is the wee beastie in my masthead.)
  • But what if you need those curtains for privacy? Or what if you don't even have windows? Put up some towel racks and use your "S" hooks to hang some pots and pans. I did that, too.
  • Next, swing those eyes over to your walls. Now, while shelves are always a good idea, the cleverest of all are the ones that fit into a corner because they let you make good use out of usually useless space. Le Creuset has a black, enameled cast iron cookware stand with five shelves. It's small enough not to be intrusive, big enough to hold a good selection of pots and pans, and sturdy enough to last damn near forever.
  • Keep moving those eyes down until they are only a few feet off the floor. If your kitchen is large enough for seating, then make those seats work for you. How? By buying seats that have built-in storage. If you've got room for it, IKEA's Ektorp Bromma footstool has enough space in there for a stack of pots and pans, several generous handfuls of gadgets, or even an entire tableware service for four. And, yes, you can take the cotton cover off and wash it.
How about you? Do you have any clever kitchen storage solutions? Besides the garage sale which works for everyone!