Frozen almost vegetarian food for the busy almost vegetarian: Breakfast and burgers

In my homage to frozen food month I’ve been looking at frozen food from Amy’s.

First, I looked at Mexican food. we all know how that went. But then I looked at food from two countries that start with the letter “I.” These foods fared much better. And, today, I look at food to start and to end the day.

And, as I did earlier, I used the husband as our taste tester. Don’t worry; he willingly complied.

Cream of rice hot cereal bowl
I feel about frozen breakfast food the same way I feel about frozen pasta: This is so easy to make, that a frozen version is pointless. And pointless pretty much sums up my husband’s thoughts on this:

“Surprisingly tasty, but still unexciting. It could do with being doctored, such as with strawberries or maple syrup. Matter of fact, maple syrup makes everything taste better. Do we have some in the house?”

I’ve complained before about Amy’s (very good) ingredient lists being way too long. But this one is wonderfully short:
Filtered water, organic whole grain brown rice, organic agave nectar, sea salt

Multi-grain hot cereal bowl

Although I gave this to my husband the next day, his fixation with maple syrup endured:

“It tastes exactly like you would expect a bowl of brown rice for breakfast to taste: A bit nutty, a bit mushy, and totally bland. But it’s nothing that a good drenching with maple syrup wouldn’t help.”

He declared both cereals “Not worth buying.” Besides, he doesn't like breakfast food for breakfast. He likes, oh, curry or kidney bean chili or leftovers. Peculiar person, indeed.

Bistro burger
The man took one bite of this burger, chewed, swallowed and turned to me and said, “Worst. Veggie. Burger. Ever.” He took another bite. “No taste.” Another bite. “Mushy texture that just falls apart in the mouth.” And the final bite (because, heaven forbid we waste food). “Never goes on the shopping list.”

The man has spoken.

Quarter pound veggie burger
He liked this one better, but . . .

“This is way better than the Bistro Burger. It has a nice texture and it felt nice biting it and chewing it. It felt substantial. But it had no taste, so it stays off the shopping list.”

If you are going to do frozen food, Amy’s has great, if awfully long, ingredient lists. But we found her offerings a bit uneven.

The Mexican meals were all fairly bland and not worth buying. Ditto the frozen cereals and burgers. But both Indian and Italian meals tended to be tastier with Indian Vegetable Korma, Baked Ziti Bowl, and the Cheese Pizza in a Pocket Sandwich making it onto our coveted shopping list. And any Amy’s tasty enough to make it to our shopping list is a welcome addition, indeed.

Happy shopping! And eating!