Gifts for the organic almost vegetarian baby including gifts that teach vegetables are fun

It dawns on me that while I’ve talked about gifts and body care items for almost vegetarians adults, I have never talked about either for an almost vegetarian baby.

Well, that has to change.

So I found you the cutest organic goodies for the almost vegetarian baby. So cute, in fact, that I wish they made adult versions. Or that they came with a baby. And it would make at least one wee one awfully happy this Easter, indeed.

I've got three organic gift sets that would be ideal.

First up, you gotta know a gift set called The Pure Baby Organic Gift Set would be right up our alley. And you'd be right!

It has three extra mild and unscented toiletry items for baby, all from Little Twig. The bubble bath and baby wash both have aloe vera, jojoba, and vitamin e while the body milk has shea butter. Bath time anyone?

For après bath, there is a sweet organic cotton (36" x 36") receiving blanket and matching kimono shirt, both incredibly adorable and incredibly soft. For play, there is a very sweet, very fat, 100% organic Egyptian cotton bunny just made for cuddling (and, let’s face it, drooling on). All from Sckoon.

And, for the proud parents, there is a tin of organic green tea from The Republic of Tea. Called Green Earl Greyer, this is organic China green tea blended with organic Mediterranean bergamot oil. Which means everyone gets a treat.

And second (and third), we have two food-themed gift sets.

The Crate with Veggies is a smooth wood vegetable crate with four adorable soft organic cotton veggies inside: A carrot, mushroom, green bean, and tomato. And the Fruit Tote is an adorable kid-size red and white striped tote stuffed with organic cotton fruits: A banana, pear, grape, and watermelon.

Now there are three things that make these sets extra special. First, of course, all those fruits and vegetables are made and stuffed with the 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Second, I especially like them because they teach kids that fruits and vegetables are fun. And, third, these are great because they are made in rural Egyptian villages as part of a development project.

Which is a gift for everybody.