Are you "vegetarian-inclined"?

Over at Slashfood there is an interesting debate going on right now about the term "vegetarian-inclined."

One person says "It's just dumb." Another person says "Vegetarian-inclined means what exactly?" And yet another person says "It's pretty simple and obvious to me ..."

Ah, but the fun does not stop there.

Another blog, the Accidental Hedonist, says "Being vegetarian-inclined is like a sorority pledge claiming that they still believe in their virginity and sobriety even after having a drunken tryst with Todd, the Sigma Kappa who got them into the mixer at no charge." But, then, the first comment after the post wholeheartedly disagrees: "There is a HUGE difference in the culinary lifestyle of someone who eats meat once (or more) per day and someone who eats meat once every 2 months."

So what do you think?
Are you an Almost Vegetarian? Or do you live in a world which is far more black and white? It would be interesting to know.