Everything you've always wanted to know about olive oil including a delicious olive oil cake recipe

Whether you are an almost vegetarian or just someone trying to eat right, odds are, you are putting more and more olive oil in your diet.

Which is great. But which also begs the question, which olive oil should I get?

Well, I have a few tips to help you buy your olive oil. And, even better, I have not one, but two, award-winning extra virgin olive oils for you to try. And both are organic, which is the best news of all.

How to buy olive oil
What? You've never bought olive oil? Or you've been buying it for years and know less about differences in oils than differences in, say, shampoo?

Well, it is time for an education.

And that's what I have right here. A quick and easy primer on everything from the different grades of oil to the seasons of oil (yes, it makes a difference) to flavored oils versus unflavored oils.

And now, for the award-winning oils
Now that you know a bit about oils, it is a good idea to try a good one so you know what a good one tastes like. If that makes sense. And if you're going for good, you might as well start with an award-winner.

Which is what I have for you today.

Both of the winning oils, below, are from the Sorelle Paradiso (which means Paradiso Sisters in Italian) organic olive grove in northern California.

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil
Selected Best in Show at the Las Vegas International Restaurant Show, the Sorelle Paradiso Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is made exclusively from Sevillano olives. Almost creamy and sweet, it is an especially nice dipping oil requiring little more than a hunk of bread ripped off a warm loaf to make for a delicious treat.

Mission Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Sorelle Paradiso Mission Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is a blend of Mission and Sevillano olives, won a Gold Medal at the same show. This oil is the richer of the two. It is especially nice drizzled on fresh vegetables.

So what are you going to do with all that lovely oil?
Cook, dip, or even bake. What, bake with oil? Sure. In fact, here is a recipe for lemon olive oil cake which is one of my favorites. Assuming, of course, one of the neighbors is growing lemons. Which, right about now, I think they are. Oh dear.