Foodie inflated credentials and the consequences of such

Remember the big fuss a while back because Robert Irvine, host of Food Network's Dinner: Impossible, inflated his credentials on his resume?

A problem related to Colette Rossant who also has inflated credentials. Only, in her case, the inflated credentials are not on her resume. In her case, the inflated credentials are on her book which people pay for believing it is written by a James Beard Award-winning journalist. Which she is not.

Well, you'll never guess what happened.

According to a story at Slashfood, the Food Network has named someone new ~ Michael Symon ~ as the host of Dinner: Impossible.

And what about Colette Rossant?
What has happened to her since her inflated credentials were exposed?

Well, her publisher, a full year and a half after her book was release, finally deflated Colette Rossant's credentials on their Website. And what about Colette Rossant? What did she do for all those readers who forked over their hard-earned money to read a James Beard Award-winning journalist who, alas, was not?

As far as I can tell . . . nothing. I've looked high and low on her Website and could find no explanation and no statement and no apology. But, I suppose I should not be surprised. After all, in an email missive she sent me, she insists, "I have won many awards in Europe and I am a very honest and good person which you are not."

A statement about which one commenter (Jul) says "This is going to become my standard response to anyone who disagrees with me ever from now on for the rest of my life."