No plastic bags or containers in this fridge

I've been on a mission to get plastic out of my kitchen. I found great farmer's market bags for shopping and produce bags for fruits and vegetables so that plastic is gone. But I still need a place to store leftovers.

Now, considering so many of us are trying to live the green life, you would think finding non-plastic storage containers would be easy. It isn't.

But I persevered. And, finally, I found something that is as free from plastic as it gets. Something you can use over and over again. And something that is really pretty.

The Anchor Hocking Bake n' Keep containers are great. First, of course, they are glass. Which, because you can use them again and again, means no more landfill fodder. Second, you can use them in the oven and the microwave, as well as in the fridge and freezer, making them pretty handy. Third, these square or rectangular containers (with matching lids) come in three sizes - 2 cup, 5 cup, and 12 cup - which stack nicely.

And, fourth, they are good looking. Good looking enough to keep on your counter. Unlike those nasty plastic containers which tend to get dingy and ragged over time.

I'd call this an almost perfect solution. Almost because, alas, they are not made from recycled glass (I did found tons of tableware - glasses, pitchers, and so on - made from recycled glass, but no storage containers). But perfect because these work so well.

And did I mention that they are pretty. Which is always a bonus in my book.