When is a James Beard Award-winning journalist, not? The sequel.

Remember my post last week about Colette Rossant, author of The World in My Kitchen: The Adventures of a (Mostly) French Woman in America? The post where I talked about the inflated credentials you can find right on the dust jacket of the book as well as on the publishers' Website? Credentials that claim she is “A James Beard Award-winning journalist”?

Which she is not.

Well, you'll never guess what happened.

Merely a year and a half after the September 2006 date of the first edition, the publisher finally corrected the Website copy.

The publisher included no apology, that I could see. Nor did the author see fit to issue any apology on her site, that I could find. But she did send me this interesting email:
I do not know who you are or what is almost vetarian but you are certainly a very nasty lady. My web site is not inflated, there was a mistake due to the publisher not me but meanwhile you a harassing my daughter and me for what purpose I do not know. Do you not have something more interesting to write about?

I have won many awards in Europe and I am a very honest and good person which you are not.

So please stop e-mailing my daughter or me because if you continue to threatens us we can do it too.

Take a valium and calm down

Colette Rossant

It's nice that this author to whom I have never sent an email took the time to write. But this isn't quite the apology her readers deserve now, is it?