A vegetarian Mother's Day gift: Perfect for warm, spring days

I've found a lovely new treat to keep your mom cool just in time for spring.

It's a totally new and innovative idea. It's easy. It's interesting. And, best of all, it's delicious.

Ice tea like you've never had before
Tea Forté has come up with a new product called Tea-Over-Ice.

Tea-Over-Ice ($42) is a two-part unit which looks like double-decker glass pitchers. To use it, you fill the bottom pitcher with ice, plop one of the pre-measured Tea Forté Tea-Over-Ice infusers ($24 for 12 infusers) into the top pitcher, then pour hot water over your infuser.

After your tea has brewed, you pour your tea from your top pitcher into your bottom pitcher where the ice instantly chills your tea.

Pretty clever, eh?

Tea Forté Tea-Over-Ice infusers
Each infuser will give you one 24 oz. pitcher of iced tea:
  • Ceylon Gold ~ For the black tea drinkers among us, may I present a classic ice tea. Rich and full-flavored, this is wonderful served with a dash of sweetener (typically a sugar, although agave nectar works nicely) in glasses filled to the brim with crushed ice.
  • Raspberry Nectar ~ Glorious raspberry color with a raspberry and hibiscus taste. This is the sweetest of the teas.
  • White Ginger Pear ~ Think white tea (which is all the rage these days) meets Japanese pear and ginger. This one is lovely and light; almost delicate.
  • Pomegranate Blackberry ~ It’s, well, pomegranate and blackberry, just like it says. It smells predominately of blackberries: Rich and warm.
Very pretty
Clever idea, this. First, you have this interesting two-tier pitcher made from hand-blown heat-resistant glass. Very pretty. Second, this is a totally new way of making iced tea. How good a conversation starter is that, I ask you? And, third, there are those pre-measured tea infusers. How convenient are those? Of course, you can plop your own tea bags (three should be about right) in there if you run out of the pre-made infusers and can’t be bothered to get more. But, in the meantime, it is handy to have them pre-made.

At the end of the brew, there is just enough iced tea for you and mom to enjoy a big glass each, together. Which is the nicest gift of all, isn't it?

(And if you want something to eat with your ice tea, VegCooking just posted a Johnny Rockets buy one, get one free Streamliner veggie burger coupon. Have a burger with mom and, hey, let me know if dinner was good.)