The very best veggie burger. And the very worst!

Want to know which is the very best veggie burger and which is the worst? You're in luck because Consumer Reports just put twelve veggie burgers to the test.

The most delicious veggie burgers
So which were the best two veggie burgers? And which were the worst? Let's see, shall we . . .

The second best veggie burger
Weighing in at only $1.08, says the second best veggie burger is Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods California. They say it is "Grainlike. Crisp, flavorful veggies in a soft filling."

The very best veggie burger
According to, this honor goes to MorningStar Farms Garden which, at $1.07, is actually a penny cheaper than the second-place burger. They say it is "Combo of meatlike and grainlike. Thin, crispy, moist, flavorful."

The worst veggie burgers of all
Now, ranged these as "good," so, while these are at the end of the list, it is a list that does not drop below good. Meaning, these aren't that bad!

Second to last on the list is Franklin Farms Portabella Fresh. It is cheap, at only $1.00, but while it is "Meatlike," it is also "Crumbly, smoky, a bit spongy."

And last on the list is Lightlife Meatless Light. At $1.48, it is the most expensive veggie burger, but while it is also "Meatlike," they say it is "Dry, dense, a bit rubbery, little flavor."

What do you think?
Now, let's see if we can get an opinion from people who really know about veggie burgers - us almost vegetarians. What veggie burgers do you like?