Almost vegetarian cosmetics

I've never written about natural cosmetics because, sigh, let's face it. I am totally owned by Bobbi Brown (well, okay, I sometimes cheated with MAC and Chanel and Clinique and Laura Mercier and, oh I can't go on or you will surely think less of me).

But today, today, I have turned over a new leaf. Because today I have found natural cosmetics with colors and textures as gorgeous and creamy as my department store brands.

So buh bye Bobbi Brown and friends. And all those extra chemicals. Buh bye, indeed.

Jane Iredale
eye shadows don't have any chemical dyes or preservatives. The lipsticks don't have any synthetic dyes, but they do have full-spectrum sun protection. And nothing, nothing is tested on animals.

And the colors are glorious.

Take the Multi-Colour for Lips kit (kits being the fastest way to try a new line). It has four shades (Rose, Sarah, Ashley, and Sharon) and a lip gloss (Cherry Sparkle) packaged in a container with a lip brush and mirror. And the colors? Sweet and creamy and ranging from a light Sunday afternoon pink to a deep Friday night plum.

Or take the Daytime Eye Shadow. This one has five colors (Oyster, Almond, Cappucino, Dark Suede, and Charcoal) giving you an endless combination of looks, from delicately enhanced to positively smokey. And, best of all, these come off like a dream, meaning no endless tugging and no raccoon eyes in the morning.

(And speaking of make-up removal, they have this very interesting Magic Mitt which removes all makeup without a cleanser. All makeup. Even mascara. Brilliant!)

If you like Jane Iredale, another line you might like is Suki. Although Suki is a much smaller, much newer line, both go for the rich colors I like so much.

For example, the Suki triple cream eye definer in amber is a wonderfully creamy shade that is perfect for sweeping on when you want that less is more look. And the pure cream stain in clay is one of those versatile shades that can do everything from deepen your lip color to give you blushingly sweet cheeks.

(Now, I'm an eyeliner person. Preferably cake liner, you know, the one you use with a wet brush. And, for my money, the best liner by far is the Nvey organic cake liner. And, if you go shopping, they also have some lovely eye shadows and, oh, did mention the creamy lipsticks?)

Moisturizer and toothpastes and perfumes, oh my
The look at personal care products for the almost vegetarian continues next week with all sorts of finds. I'll be back . . .

Where can you find this stuff?
A few people have asked where you can buy this. Certainly you can use the links I provide, above, and order online. But if you're like me and you like to dab, smudge, and smear before buying, then a lot of health food stores, such as Whole Foods, carry cosmetics (I know Whole Foods has Suki, that's where I got mine). Cheers!