Almost Vegetarian hair care products

You battling frizzies? Flat hair? Dry hair? Dull hair?

You want pretty hair?

We'll that's the focus today: The nicest hair you can get.

With lines ranging from Citrus Mango to Mocha Espresso, the first thing you probably should know is that these products are not edible. So, hey, you in the back, put that bottle down. The second thing you need to know is that all the products are sulfate free.

The line I looked at is Coconut Milk. Partially because I'm a sucker for anything with coconut in it. And partially because it is summer and, hey, we all are supposed to smell like coconuts.

Now, this line contains eight products. But, of these, the two most interesting are the nourishing self-heating coconut oil and the split ends mender. What you do with the oil is put some on your palms, rub your hands together, then apply it to your hair. It heats up in your hands and hydrates your hair. But if chemically-treated, dry, or frizzy hair is your problem, then I'd head for the split ends mender. As with the first product, it has coconut oil to hydrate your hair.

You gotta love a company whose logo is “tested on actresses, never on animals.” Très amusante.

Now, this company has all sorts of heavenly products, but what I lean toward is the shea (can you say moisturizing?) line. Such as the shea hair masque. Rich, rich, rich, it smells like vanilla, goes on like cream, and hydrates like crazy with aloe vera. But be aware. When you wear it, take heed of the of the warning I gave yesterday when talking about the clay mask!

Now, if you want a styling product, they also have a shea hair cream. Smooth it on and say buh bye frizzies.

Almost Vegetarian travel
Tomorrow, we'll look at travel kits for the almost vegetarian.