Almost vegetarian nail polish

Ah, the sheer amount of chemicals in nail polish is terrifying.

You got your toluene, stuff which affects your nervous system. And your formaldehyde which may cause cancer. And then there is, well, suffice it to say the list goes on and on.

So I've found not one, but two nail polish lines that are free of these chemicals. And, even better, their colors are scrumptious.

With an incredible range of well over 200 colors, Zoya is the first line I've ever seen that persuaded me to say buh bye OPI and see you later Essie.

For example, their Blissful Spring collection contains six sweet shades: Laurie, a sheer pink cream; Miley, a sheer lilac cream; Lulu, a sheer apricot cream; Zanna, a mauve cream; Penelope, an apricot cream; and Felicity, a sparkling rose gold.

Even better, the line also has everything from a polish remover to top and bottom coats. But, perhaps the most interesting item in the line is the Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops. Not only does this speed dry your polish, but it gives your polish a vibrant, glossy finish. Very pretty, indeed!

HoneyBee Gardens
Another company getting away from these wicked chemicals, the HoneyBee Gardens line is just as tempting as the Zoya line (and also has all sorts of interesting cosmetics).

Especially pretty is their French manicure kit. Containing three polishes (Manicure White, Bermuda Pink, and the nude Palm Beach) plus a top coat and tip guides, the perfectly sweet shades are lovely on summer hands.

And when it is time to take off that polish, they have an acetone-free polish remover that, joy of joys, is odorless.

(Now, it came as some surprise to me that there were all sorts of companies making nail polish for us Almost Vegetarian types. For example, another company worth looking at is No Miss. If you had it bad for Chanel's Vamp, then you might want to look at their Brandon Bordeaux. Very rich!)

Almost vegetarian cosmetics
Yep, tomorrow we'll continue this pretty streak with a look at make-up for the almost vegetarian. Then, next week, we'll look at soap and toothpaste and moisturizers and, heck, not only will we look at more cosmetics, but I've got a natural perfume line you really ought to know about.