Almost Vegetarian toothpaste and soap

Toothpaste and soap. These are the staples of everyday life. Because whether or not you use the natural cosmetics and lotions and shampoos and masks we discussed last week, you surely use these.

I've got two tried and true healthy options for you to use.

And, best of all, if you are just moving into the healthy arena, these are a simple and easy change for the entire family to make. I know. Mine has.

Tom’s of Maine
Tom's of Maine products contain no artificial dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives. And, of course, they do not test on animals.

Best known for their toothpastes, their products come in fluoride and fluoride-free, as well as toothpastes with and without sodium lauryl sulfate. The Natural Sensitive Care SLS-Free Toothpaste, for example, is both sodium lauryl sulfate- and fluoride-free. It comes in two flavors, Wintermint, for a more traditional taste, and Black Currant, which is actually mild and quite nice. The texture feels just like mainstream toothpaste, so switching over, especially if you select the mint flavor, should be pretty easy.

But Tom's also has a variety of other personal care items, including the Natural Sensitive Care Deodorant Stick which is available in two fragrances, Bay-Lime and Cucumber-Grapefruit, or fragrance-free. Formulated without aluminum, I find they are not as strong as mainstream deodorants, but work fine.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

I have a bit of a soap problem. Okay, it is a large soap problem. Because, as of this writing, I must have at least twenty bars of soap in my linen cupboard.

I just love the way they smell. And the way they make my linens smell. And the way they make my bathroom smell.

And, in all these bars of soaps, I guarantee you will find more than a handful from Dr. Bronner.

Now, unlike Tom's of Main, Dr. Bronner does not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in any products. The foaming action in his soaps come from the high coconut oil content of these pure castile soaps. And the soaps (available in liquid and bar) come in scents as diverse as almond and lavender, citrus orange and peppermint, rose and ... well, clearly I need more soap.

More almost vegetarian personal care items tomorrow . . .
Tomorrow I've got two lines I bet you don't know about. But you should. You should, indeed!