Food for a vegetarian wedding

I cling to the fact that I did, after all, get married in white.

Sure, the white was my t-shirt and sneakers but, damn it, they were white.

See, we eloped. And it was amazing. But, because we eloped, we never had to worry about food for a vegetarian wedding reception.

But if you do, then the amazing and gentle Amy from PETA's vegan food blog is here to tell you about planning vegetarian wedding food for her own reception.

And what a tale it is.

Wait! The Wedding Reception Is Going to Be …Vegetarian?
by Amy from VegCooking

June has long been one of the most popular months to tie the knot. I personally don't understand why someone would want to dress up and go through an emotionally intense (and stressful!) event when it's hot enough outside to cook a piece of veggie bacon on the roof of your car. But I guess that's the idea of a joyous affair for some.

I, on the other hand, am spending this most popular wedding month by planning my own November nuptials, when it will be nice and cool! As a longtime vegetarian, I know that the minute my family members heard "Amy's getting married!" they immediately thought, "Oh, god. Is the wedding food going to be … vegetarian?"

Yes, I've already received several joking calls and e-mails from people who have planned pit stops to pick up burgers on the way to and from the event—as if the vegetarian food at the reception would somehow make them hungry enough for two extra meals?

From the minute my fiancé, Justin, asked me to marry him, we immediately began planning the food. During the course of our relationship, cooking together has always been one of the things we've enjoyed most, and we even met while working at the same vegetarian restaurant, so it was inevitable that we would place such a high value on finding the right meal.

For two veg foodies, the task of finding the right balance of creativity for us and comfort and accessibility for our non-veg family members has been essential. We knew all along that we weren't willing to compromise on the menu and offer meat. And why should we? It's our big day! But we also realized that just because it's our big day doesn't mean we should pressure our family into eating the strange or uber-healthy vegetarian food that's out there. No raw flax chips or plain steamed tofu for us, please. Instead, we want to focus on great flavors that will wow our guests and show them just how elegant and delicious an entirely vegetarian wedding reception can be.

The reception is still months away, but after meeting with my caterer to discuss the array of dishes that will be made to order for each wedding guest, I've become increasingly excited for everyone's taste buds. We'll have Organic Creole Polenta, Israeli Couscous With Mission Fig and Caramelized Pear, Vegetable Étoufée, and Sautéed Herb Oyster Mushrooms, just to name a few items. All that and more will be available for each person to mix and match to his or her liking and will be beautifully served by a chef on a small plate. This will encourage each person to go back for seconds and thirds—the perfect way to encourage meat-eaters to sample an array of vegetarian options and explore it slowly.

We've had to stick to our guns with our family and be completely open with the caterer about what we're looking for, but I think it's going to pay off. After reading just a fraction of the menu options to a skeptical cousin, the response was no longer "Where can I find the closest burger?" It became "Tell me more …."

And more ...
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