Ten days, twenty skincare and haircare finds, one beautiful vegetarian

Welcome to my beauty extravaganza!
I have spent the last year and a half looking at items to put in my body. Like apples and asparagus and peaches. But what we put on the outside is just as important as what we put on the inside. So, for the next two weeks, I’m going to look at everything from shampoos and conditioners to moisturizers, eye liners, and even nail polish, all designed for the almost vegetarian.

And, along the we’ll look at green products and organic products, natural products and products with everything from sweet almond oil to shea butter and, even better, products without concerning additives such as parabens.

So let's get pretty. Pretty healthy!

If I could only have one mask in my arsenal (and, let's face it, who would settle on just one?!), it would be a clay mask. If you've never used one, they are great fun. First, you can feel it drying. And, second, you can almost see it drying. How fun is that?

The Ikove Amazonian Clay Mask is made from rich Amazonian white clay. It does all the things a good clay mask is supposed to do: Deep clean, tighten pores, and soften fine lines. But, best of all, it is fun to use. Just don't open the door unless you want to scare the heck out of the neighborhood kids.

Now, their Organic Hand Savior doesn't have the fun factor the clay mask has. But, loaded with murumuru butter and babassu nut oil (can you say emollient?), it is (forgive the pun) incredibly handy to have around.

Europeans are bigger on putting oils on their skin than Americans are. And that's a shame, because I have always found oils do a wonderful job. Take the Divine Face Oil. Smelling of ylang ylang, sweet orange and jasmine, it makes your skin feel wonderfully soft and hydrated.

Now if you want to really up the moisturizing quota, you can put a cream on your skin afterward. The Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream, with avocado pear oil, honey, and calendula would be an especially good choice for dry or damaged skin. Say wind burned skin in the winter or (heaven forbid) sunburned skin in the summer.

Gorgeous hair
Now that we have two health
ier lines of products to slather on your skin, tomorrow we'll look at two healthier lines to slather on your hair. So stay tuned.