Almost Vegetarian perfume and cosmetics

Here we are, at the last day of our two week extravaganza on healthy products to put on your face, your body, your hair.

See, my rationale is that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put on it.

So, today, the last day (next week we're back to food, thank heavens!), I'm talking cosmetics and perfume.


Gabriel Cosmetics
The line prides itself on using only natural ingredients: No synthetic chemicals and no animal by-products and, of course, no animal testing. Now, what you should know is that this line is actually two: Zuzu Luxe and Gabriel Cosmetics. My best guess is that the Zuzu line is for a younger crowd. But both lines have some real finds.

For example, the Zuzu Luxe liquid eyeliner comes in six colors: Azure, Luxor, Tuareg, Black Pearl, Nile, Raven. It takes a sure and steady hand to put a straight line on without smearing it, but once you master that skill, the liner dries quickly and looks amazing (I especially like Raven).

And, from the Gabriel line, the eye shadows are a gentle kiss of color in shades ranging from Sable and Navy to Aubergene, Bone, Bisque, Dove, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Forest Green. They go on true and gentle and the colors are just sumptuous.

JoAnne Bassett
Fragrance can be a real chemical soup. And, what's worse, you don't know what chemicals are in your soup. Why? Because all they have to say on the label is "fragrance."

Makes you think twice about perfume, doesn't it? And makes you yearn for a natural perfume, too, right?

Well, before we go charging ahead, let's look for a minute at the ingredients we can expect to find in a natural perfume. First, there will be an oil base. Such as jojoba or almond. Then, there will be essential oils. Such as geranium. And citrus. And rose and lavender and frankincense.

Okay. So what are the perfumes like?

Well, the French collection from JoAnne Bassett offers four scents: Chantelle, Camille, Colette, and Contessa. Chantelle, a gentle floral, is made from all white flowers including Tuberose, Jasmine, and Bulgarian alba rose. Camille has notes ranging from Mimosa and Tuberose to Osmanthus and Italian Iris Root. Designed for the culinary-inspired, Colette has notes such as Cepes and French White Cognac and citrus essences. And the sultry Contessa is scented with Rose de Mai oil, the French May rose, Jasmine, Neroli, and Mysore Sandalwood.

And there are other collections, too, such as the Royal collection which takes its inspiration from the Napoleon era and the Divine Collection which is based on themes from traditional French perfumery. And, hey, she is also coming out with a line of body care products. It just gets better and better!

Happy July 4th all!