Almost Vegetarian skincare, the sequel

Is it Wednesday already? Boy, is this week flying, or what?

If you've been with me for this two-week ride, you know I've been looking at healthy products, from makeup to shampoo, toothpaste, and soap. And today is no exception. Because today I am going to look at two face care lines.

And the nice thing about these is that both are good for the almost vegetarian who doesn't want to spend their entire paycheck on products (or who wants to but is too sensible to do it!).

Juice Beauty
I've talked about Juice Beauty before and I am happy to talk about them again (not only are their ingredients great, but they fully disclose them on their Website).

Containing everything from certified organic antioxidant-rich red raspberry and white grape juices to soothing aloe vera, my favorite Juice Beauty product is their organic cleansing milk. It is the gentlest cleanser I have ever used, and the only one that leaves my skin feeling moisturized, as opposed to stripped.

Of course, you'll want to keep that moisturized feeling. And the way to do that is with a moisturizer, such as the nutrient moisturizer. This one has all sorts of goodies, such as certified organic grape juice, vitamin-rich carrot juice, and nourishing essential fatty acids, to make the skin feel smooth and soft.

Simply Divine Botanicals
Developed by the woman who opened the first Raw Food restaurant in Las Vegas, this line has amusingly named products ranging from honey I shrunk the pores to how now brown cacao.

For example, pack your bags, they're leaving: instant gratification eye gel is loaded with Cucumber, Seaweed, Watermelon seed oil, and even 24 kt Gold to reduce annoying eye puffiness. And crème de rose: heavenly facial moisturizer, has Sweet Almond oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Coconut oil, and all sorts of other ingredients to promote skin cell regeneration, healing, and hydration.

But, perhaps the best part of all their products is the one item you can find on every one of their ingredient lists: Unconditional Love and Gratitude.

Even more skincare tomorrow?
Yep! These lines are a little richer, so drag out the wallet. Then, on Friday, we'll end this series with even more cosmetics (we also looked at makeup last week), and treat of treats, natural perfume.