Almost Vegetarian skincare

Last week and this I am looking at products for the face and body and hair.

See, my thinking is that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Meaning, for all of us that are trying to eat healthier, we should slather healthier, too.

Last week we looked at all sorts of products, including nail polishes, cosmetics, and haircare. This week, I'm looking at some more companies, also selling healthier products. So, without further ado . . .


This is a small, but wonderful, line of organic products created by a pediatrician for the entire family. For example, for baby, there are products such as Baby Butt: Diaper Balm; for the guy, products include Chill: Face Moisturizer; and for the mom, products ranging from Scrumptious: Restorative Body Cream to Caress: Moisturizing Face Cream.

Let's look at the products for mom.

While the Scrumptious is creamy and rich and makes my skin feel like silk, the husband literally recoiled from the scent. I agree, it does take some getting used to. But, while I did, he did not. So I get my Vedapure fix with Caress.

Containing organic olive oil, Caress leaves my too often dry skin feeling soothed and moisturized and incredibly soft and all without an off-putting scent. I've got some on now and, oh dear, I can already see the bottom of the jar. Time to stock up, me'thinks.

(Speaking of soft skin, I found this funky little product called Móa: The green balm. Made from Icelandic herbs which, they say, the harsh climate has forced to become "super herbs" loaded with exceptionally potent essential oils, you can use this stuff in your hair, on your elbows, on the baby's bottom, and even mixed with hot water and honey as a gargle. What fun!)

Kimberly Sayer of London

And what about those of us that want anti-aging products? Yes, there are healthy options without parabens, phalates, formaldehyde, petroleum derivatives, synthetic fragrance, and other concerns.

For example, the Kimberly Sayer Restore Anti-Aging Cream. Containing products grown on organic soil, it protects against and reverses the effects of environmental damage. It also moisturizes, tightens, firms, and soothes the skin, making you look rested and smooth.

And the Cellular Extract Eyelift Gel contains an olive-based ingredient to protect against dehydration. Quickly absorbed, it gives the eye a gentle lift for a more toned look. And it can be used under make-up.

Even more healthy skincare . . .
One of the startling things I discovered when researching this two-week series is just how much healthy product there is out there. Who knew? So tomorrow we'll look at two more great skincare lines. With so many options, my thinking is you're bound to find some products you like. I know I did.