Does your salad have wood?

Apparently, it can.

At least it did for one fellow vegetarian blogger.

Let me explain (and do read on if you ever buy bagged salad from the grocery store).

It seems the ever lovely Lesley from LesleyEats was enjoying a nice salad. Specifically, the Earthbound Farms Pre-washed Organic Baby Romaine in the 5 ounce package. She dug in and found "... a two-inch long shard of wood." More digging and she found "... another piece, about an inch long."

Now, three things you should know ...

Thing #1
Good-hearted Lesley called the company to let them know. All they did was tell her they would perform a "quality assurance check" and send her some coupons (which I really doubt she will use any time soon). So much for their wonderful sounding promise that their "... commitment to the health of those who enjoy our harvest is stronger than ever."

Thing #2
They have at least one reported problem on their hands. But, as far as I can tell, there is no warning or mention of the incident on their site. They do make a point of stating "Non-leafy items like roots and twigs are ejected by state-of-the-art optical sorters." But they don't bother to warn you that the system can fail. So it makes me wonder how many other people this, or something like it, has happened to.

Thing #3
When I mentioned this to my husband he said an associate found a twig in her take-out salad. Good heavens! Has this happened to everyone but me?

So, I'm almost afraid to ask, but have you ever found anything in your salad that should not be there? Let us know.