Everything you need to know to use a rice maker

I just made the best rice I have ever had outside of a Chinese restaurant.

You know the rice I mean: Fluffy, light, not mushy or crisp. And truly delicious.

And I made it using fuzzy logic.

What is fuzzy logic and what does it have to do with rice?
Fuzzy logic is a methodology that deals with the gray areas. My best guess is, when applied to rice, this means the unit can manage the variables that surround making rice. Like the rice kernels from this brand are bigger than the rice kernels from that brand. And so on.

The micro computer chip inside the rice cooker does this by automatically adjusting temperature and heating time.

Of course, if you are a mathematician and I've totally got this wrong, take pity and please explain. In simple words, please.

Let me introduce you to my rice making friend
Say hello to the stainless steel Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer.

This little puppy makes white rice and brown rice and everything in between. Up to three cups of the stuff (they have other units which make more, if you need it). And perfectly.

How do you make rice with a rice maker?
First, you remove the inner non-stick bowl from the unit. Into that, you pour the amount of rice you want, using the included measuring cup. You plop your bowl into the sink, and rinse your rice until the water runs clean (count on five or so rinses). This will remove excess starch which, in turn, will give you fluffier, tastier rice.

After your final rinse, you fill your bowl with fresh water (the instructions tell you how much), then pop the bowl back into the unit. You press a button and wait.

And wait.

Then you open the unit, fluff the rice with the included spoon, and enjoy some really great rice.

Here's what's wonderful about this rice maker
Beyond the best-rice-ever part and the totally-idiot-proof part, it keeps the rice warm, so if timing is not your thing (and, heaven knows, it is not mine), then you don't have to panic. And it has a clock and timer functions that chimes to let you know what is happening in there and when the rice is done.

The unit also comes with a little plastic holder you attach to the unit to keep the included spoon you use to fluff the rice conveniently at hand. Alas, however, when I opened my box for the first time, my holder was broken.

So what do I do with all this wonderful rice?
Well, of course, you can just plop it on your plate and enjoy. Or you can put grilled vegetables on top. Or put it in a soup. Or cover it with curried tofu and vegetables. Or enjoy it with a stir-fry. Or make a classic New Orleans red beans and rice.

101 uses for leftover rice
This thing is so easy to use, you are bound to have leftover rice. So I ask you, what do you do with your leftover cooked rice?