The greening of the bathroom: Almost vegetarian goes organic

This week, I've been looking at how the almost vegetarian can create a home spa. We've looked at soy candles and body creams, at fragrance sticks and exfoliants. And, today, we're going to look at more almost vegetarian spa goodies.

Then, next week, we're back to food because after all this research I'm starving for something nice to eat.

So, today, let's talk the sweetest soaps you have ever seen, some amazingly thirsty organic towels, and some great skin care products.

Despite all the talk about products on the blog, lately, I am actually not a big shopper. Take my make-up, for example, I bet you could fit it all into one good size mug if you wanted to, that's how little I need. But I do have a few pockets of indulgences. Like books (I live in fear of not having something nice to read). And soaps.

I adore beautiful soaps. Like the ones from skinnyskinny.

Now, if you read me at all, you know I am big on kits because they are a good way (and often a cheaper way) to try lots of products. So you will understand if I steer you toward their small soap set.

Made from organic ingredients ranging from extra-virgin olive and coconut oils to nutrient-rich sea kelp, soothing oatmeal, and unrefined fair trade shea butter, the set is six organic soaps (and the packaging for each soap is as sweet as the bars) in a small gift book-sized box made from sustainable wild-grass.

Does life get any better than this, I ask you?

Okay, I admit, I just want to run, naked, though this online store, credit card in hand, screaming "Charge it!" at the top of my lungs, there are so many finds to be had. But I'll be good and limit myself to two.

Step out of the tub and onto . . . what? If you are going for the spa experience, a teak bathmat is the thing.

The mat is made from certified-sustainable, plantation-grown, hand-sanded teak. Very nice!

Of course, now you are standing there, dripping, so let's get you some towels. These days, I'm mopping up with their cotton thick & thirsty towels. There is a nice color selection here, from classic spa white to azure, chili, flax, and so on.

Best of all, not only are the towels organic, but they are super soft and super absorbent. And pretty.

Aveda Green Science
If you are going to do nice things for your body, then you might as well take the time to do something nice for your face, too. And Aveda has a way to do just that. It is called their new Green Science line.

The line is built around the Moroccan Organic argan oil. This oil comes from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree and is rich in linoleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Vitamin E.

And the products range from a Lifting Serum which moisturizes, helps promote surface skin cell turnover, and makes the skin look firmer to a Firming Face Cream which also moisturizes and smooths fine lines. The line also includes an eye cream and line minimizers for use at night.

Wouldn't a nice, long soak, followed by these lovely moisturizing products make for a lovely end to your spa day? I think so.

Dinner's on the table
Next week, we're back to the almost vegetarian diet, talking about vegetarian food from recipes and ingredients to advice and fun gadgets and appliances. Cheers all!