Clean healthy

I remember trying to buy healthier cleansers. You know, the ones without the chemicals and the WARNING: FLUSH IMMEDIATELY IF YOU GET INTO EYES label on the side of the bottle. I managed to find 'em. But they were totally useless. So back to the supermarket I went.

Fast forward ten years to today when, foolishly optimistic soul that I am, I venture back into the cleanser isle at my health food store. There, I sheepishly buy a cleanser, have them wrap it in plain brown paper, and take it home.

And you'll never guess what happened next.

Damn if that stuff didn't work!
Boy was I pleased. So I started to do some research. And found other, equally good, lines.

Today I am going to introduce you to one line of cleansers. In my next post, I am going to introduce you to another. Because life is nothing without options.

The Method
No, it is not a birth control option. It is a line of cleansers (and other, related, household goodies). And they work without that nasty chemical scent that burns the inside of your nose.

The Method methodology
Of course, you can forget about finding any toxic chemcals in the cleaning products. So buh bye ammonia. See you later phosphate. And too-da-loo parabens. (They do, however, have sodium lauryl sulfate, which is often called a skin irritant, so if you want to stay away from this, you must read those ingredient labels.)

What you will find, instead, is biodegradable ingredients from natural materials like soy, coconut, and palm oils. Ingredients which are not tested on animals. And funky packaging which is made from recyclable materials.

Cleaning up
The sheer number of cleansing products they offer, and the wide range of fragrances, boggles the mind. For example, they have a French lavender all surface cleaner (you actually want to inhale), pink grapefruit all purpose wipes (this is what clean smells like), and a non-toxic lil’ bowl blu.

And more . . .
Now, I am perfectly happy to find a line with good cleansers. It is enough. But, even more, this company also has everything from hand washes in scents such as sea minerals which smells just like a soft sea breeze to the lavender lemongrass soy candle which doesn't give you that nasty black smoke you get from conventional candles.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Even thought Method is sold in mainstream stores, such as Target and Whole Foods, not every store in going to carry every product. So I've found a second line of healthy cleansers, so that you have options. Now, the packaging might not be as pretty as Method packaging, but it is just as pleasurable to use and does just as good a job. I'll talk about it in my next post.