The one most important thing about tea you wanted to know but was too ashamed to ask

I am a tea drinker. Two, three, sometimes as many as four cups a day. Every day.

I mean, if I can't have it at home, I put it in a travel mug. That is how much I like black tea.

But there is one embarrassing problem I have always had with tea. And only now have I found the answer.

To your health
Tea has all sorts of health benefits. But, the truth be told, to me, it's real benefit is how it soothes the soul. Hard day? Have a cup. Chilled? Cup. Sick? Cup!

But there is one problem every drinker of black tea must face.

Tea stains
Every one of my creamy porcelain mugs have brown stains. Now, I can deal with a little staining on the teeth with judicious brushing and visits to the dentist (after all, it's not like it was a nasty cigarette stain). But the stains on the porcelain were there forever until I found the miracle solution.

Free and clear
And here it is. Simply pour a small handful of baking soda into a bowl. Dribble in enough water to make a light paste. Rub this gently (it works so well no elbow grease is required) on your porcelain. The stain lifts right off. Wash any residue off your china.

Miracle worker
This did such a fast and thorough job cleaning my teapot and mugs that they look absolutely new. Truly.

Of course, you could always . . .
Just skip the problem! And the best way I know to do that, at least for the teapot, is to use a Brown Betty teapot.

While Brown Betty teapots come in a variety of sizes (two cup, four cup, and so on), they traditionally come in a warm, rich brown. Hence the name! They are the traditional teapot used by the English everywhere. And, they are supposed to be a superior teapot because they hold the heat better, keeping your second (or third or fourth) cup nice and toasty while you enjoy your first.

Personally, I think they are a joy to use and a beauty to behold. So the fact that they don't show tea stains is one of those extra bonuses life throws at you once in a while.

Which calls for a nice cuppa, don't you think?