Almost Vegetarian number 10 on the Top 100 Women's Health Blogs

Hey, bit of news, I just found out Almost Vegetarian is tenth (and the only vegetarian blog) on the Top 100 Women's Health Blogs.

Certainly I’m pleased about that. But I really wanted to bring this list to your attention because it looks like a good starting point if you are looking for more blogs to read. Here are few that looked good to me:
- Grow. Food. Love - I love this: she grow and cooks. What fun.
- A Life Less Sweet - Trying to live without high fructose corn syrup (aren’t we all?).
- Look, a fitness blog! - Just as it says.
- The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl - The name alone gets me.
- Food Allergy Buzz - Good insight.
- Bikinis and Bifocals - Do you just love the name?