How to buy organic foods in a recession plus a Whole Foods coupon you can use on anything

So I am in Whole Foods (see below for a Whole Foods coupon) the other day, and I am torn between the organic vegetables on one hand and the non-organic on the other.

See, the organic is not just more expensive. It is way, way more expensive. Which is a real problem when we are pinching pennies. But I want us to stick to a healthy almost vegetarian diet.

So I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve come up with some really good, really easy ways to get cheap organic.

Shop seasonally
If it is in season, it tends to be cheaper. And, bonus, you have local, healthy thing going for you, too.

But only buy what you will eat. Because if it ends up in the garbage (or compost bin), it is a very expensive purchase, indeed.

Supermarket smarts
Organic fruits and vegetables tend not to go on sale, but organic processed foods often do. Now, if you are trying to eat a healthy almost vegetarian diet, you really don't want to eat too many processed foods. But if you can find them on sale, or if you have a coupon, or even if you find a two-for-one offer, I'd take advantage.

Oh, and while you are hitting the supermarket, it is good to note that the house brands are cheaper than the national brands. So if you can find a nice, organic, generic item, you’ve got yourself a nice, organic, cheaper price.

Bulk up
You know those bulk bins overflowing with rice and oats and flour? Well, if those items are organic, those bins are cheaper than the packaged foods, so load up.

And, ditto with the salad makings. Skip the pre-made salad and go for the way cheaper head of lettuce, loose cucumbers, radicchio, tomatoes, and so on.

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. What this is is a box of groceries sold to you from your local farmer (just find one that is certified organic). Which is way cheaper. And way more fun (you never know what you will get). And supports your local farmer. And talk about fresh. And totally perfect for an almost vegetarian diet.

Whole Foods coupon
Of course, the above is not going to help much if what you want is never on sale or in bulk or what have you. So use this Whole Foods
coupon which you can apply to anything you like. Anything. Yep. Used it last night and it works like a dream.

Et tu?

So how do you save on your grocery bill? I'd love your suggestions.