To celebrate Vegetarian Day I have a little green porno

Yep! Pornography vegetarian style. Or, well, at least green. Sort of. Or kind of. Well, it definitely is porno and it definitely is about sex.

It is just not porno as we typically understand porno.

Let me explain.

Pornography for vegetarians
I tripped across this Sundance series written, starring, and co-directed by Isabella Rossellini. Called Green Porno, it is a series of incredibly short, incredibly fascinating, and yes, incredibly graphic (in a cartoon sort of way, but Rossellini does not mince words or actions) shorts on the sex life of bugs.

Go Mother Earth
Now, Green Porno is not, NOT for the faint of heart, but I found the shorts amusing, fascinating, educational, and, yeah, laced with equal parts gross and charm.

In other words, they were riveting. But then, hey, they were about sex!

Happy Vegetarian Day!